9 Ways to Make Your Home a Safe Zone for You and Your Child

From the Electrical Safety Office Queensland

The good news is all electrical shocks are preventable. And you can help with these simple fixes at home

Safety switches should be tested every three months by pushing the test button to ensure they operate.

Damaged equipment can have exposed live wires and cause electric shock. Wrapping tape around damaged leads won’t protect you from a shock.

These are specially designed plastic plugs you can insert into unused power point sockets that help prevent objects from going into the power point. You can also buy protective power points with built-in shutters which automatically close off the socket openings when a plug is removed.

If you need more power outlets you can get more power points installed or use a power board.

Keep electrical equipment away from bath tubs and sinks that children may use.

Small children often want to explore new things by putting them in their mouths this can pose a risk of electric shock.

Before plugging in or unplugging equipment, have the switch in the off position.
Take care when you unplug leads as pulling them out with force can damage the equipment, lead or power point.

Be cautious if purchasing online - equipment bought from an overseas supplier may not meet Australian safety requirements.

To check if an electrician is licensed visit electricalsafety.qld.gov.au.

Wire-Not Electrical, established in 2004, is a licensed electrical contractor that can help you with whatever electrical work you need at home.

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Seek immediate medical attention if a shock occurs.

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