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We suppy and recommend Mitsubishi and Daikin Air Conditioning Systems - Get a 5 Year Warranty

Stay cool with our local professional air conditioning service for your split system air conditioning system or ducted air

When Brisbane heats up, there's nothing more comforting than walking into a cool, air-conditioned space. And that's where Wire-Not Electrical step up. We're not just any electricians; we're the Brisbane Electricians you can trust to keep your home and business cool (or warm) when it matters most.

We can service your air conditioner — or help with an Brisbane air conditioning repairs. We also install new systems

Have you ever thought about what makes life a lot easier during those blazing hot days? A smoothly running air conditioning system really helps. Whether you've got a split system, multi-head, or ducted air conditioning system, we can help with on going service or an unexpected repair to your air conditioning.

Wire-Not Electrical make the process straightforward. No fuss, no jargon, just top-notch service.

Our technicians can carry out an Installation, Repairs, Service to your air conditioner

Since 2004, Wire-Not Electrical has been the go-to expert for Brisbane homeowners, apartment dwellers, and small businesses all over Brisbane. From dentists, offices, schools to daycare centres, we've kept homes and workplace space air conditioning systems running smoothly, efficiently.

Local Brisbane air conditioner repair and installation experts

We work with Homeowners, Property Managers, Builders, Plumbers, Renovators, Architects and Plumbers. 

Being a local business, we know Brisbane's climate like the back of our hand. Hot, humid summers? Or it might be one of those chilly Brisbane Winter nights where you need to turn on some warmth. 

With our local knowledge and expertise, we provide services tailored for Brisbane's unique needs.  We're centrally located on Brisbane's North-side at Geebung, and while work all over Brisbane, we can focus on fast air con service to homes and businesses in Geebung, Virginia, Aspley, Chermside, Kedron, and Everton Park.

Mitsubishi Air Con - Split System, Wall Mount Mitsubishi Multi Head Split System

Got a problem with your air conditioning system?

If your air conditioning system shows signs of problems, please give us a call. We can schedule a site visit at a time that's convenient for you. Our technician will evaluate the issue and, if possible, they can address it immediately.

Sometimes, the problem requires a specific part.  If that's the case, we will give you with a detailed quote and order what you need. Once the part is in hand, we will let you know, and arrange a repair appointment. Our team prioritises efficiency, ensuring your system is restored as quickly as possible. Throughout this process, clear communication is maintained, and our skilled technicians are available to address any inquiries or concerns you might have.

Ask about your repair

Daikin Split Air Con

Split systems, ducted air conditioning, multi-head split systems

Whatever your preference, we've got the expertise to install, service, and repair it. We're big fans of Mitsubishi and Daikin brands, and we are authorised to service these systems. So, if you're looking for recommendations, we'd love to chat with you further about these two top, reliable brands, and help you make the best decision for your new air con installation.

Misubishi Ducted Air Con Systems
At Wire-Not Electrical, we deliver expert installation services for a wide range of air conditioning units, encompassing both single and multi-room systems. Our installations are carried out adhering to the highest industry standards, ensuring you peace of mind — we are also fully insured and guaranteed. Ask us about - 

  • Split System Air Conditioners
  • Multi-Head Split Systems
  • Ducted Air Conditioning
  • Commercial Air Conditioning 
Australian Refrigeration Council

Buying a new Air Con? Get the ARC Air Conditioning Checklist for new installations

Grab this quick checklist (PDF 138KB)  to help you choose the right air conditioner for your needs and ensure it is installed correctly by a licensed technician.

Download Checklist PDF

Our expertise shines particularly in split system installations

Our electricians approach each project with meticulous care, ensuring your home or workspace remains pristine, so no unsightly marks, damaged bricks, or tiles. After completing the installation, we will tidy up, discarding any packaging, debris, or outdated units at no additional cost. Moreover, all our electrical tasks are only ever executed by certified electricians.

We recommend and supply Mitsubishi and Daikin Air Condtioning Systems

We stand by our work, offering a 5-year warranty on Mitsubishi and Daikin air conditioning installations. Should any issue arise due to our workmanship, we're committed to addressing it promptly, at no expense to you.

Why choose Wire-Not Electrical for your air conditioning?

Making your life easier

It’s simple. We fit in with you.
Our approach to service is all about making your life easier. That’s why we always show up on time, get the job done right, and provide a full range of services under the one roof.

Reliable & trustworthy

The go-to experts who won’t let you down.
Since 2004, we’ve built a reputation as the electricians you can trust. Our uncompromising focus on excellent service means you can count on us – every single time. 

No surprises

Everything explained upfront
We make sure you understand what’s involved before we start so there are no unknowns. Because we don’t like surprises, either.

Air Conditionin Temperature

Air conditioner service

When it comes to your heating and cooling air con systems, there's one golden rule every expert in this industry swears by: service them at least once a year.  An annual service and check, coupled with a thorough cleaning and professional inspection, will keep your system humming smoothly all year round.

Air conditioning systems are not cheap.  So, regular upkeep not only ensures they last longer, giving you more for your dollar spend, and guarantees your air conditioning will run at peak performance. Ask about Air Con Service

Air conditioner repair

Ever had your air conditioner give up on you during a heatwave? Or perhaps there are other air conditioning problems. None of these are much fun.  It's even worse when there's no air flowing from your vents, or, ironically, when warm air decides to flow instead of cool air. And let's not get started on those unusual smells that make you wonder if something crawled up there! Strange sounds, dripping water, blocked vents and more. We've seen a lot of problems, and fixed them all.

Our team is always ready to assist you and get things running again. So, whether it's a minor issue or a major repair, we've got your back, ensuring your comfort isn't compromised. 
Booking Repair Requests

Air Condioning Service Split System

New air conditioning installations

Looking for a new air conditioner installation? We love recommending, supplying, and installing Mitsubishi and Daikin systems. With a crew of certified technicians on board, we're equipped to handle any air conditioning installation, from straightforward single-room split systems to intricate multi-level ducted setups or multi-head split systems. Regardless of the task's scale, our dedicated team ensures top-notch service every step of the way.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here's the answer to our most commonly asked questions about air conditioning and systems

We're always here to answer any other questions. Just ask us online or call our office.

Ready to beat the heat?

Well, what are you waiting for? Give us a ring during business hours on (07) 3633 0118 or ask 24/7 for a call back or quote online. We can help with domestic and commercial air con systems - from split system air conditioning at home, ducted air conditioners, or commercial air. Because when Brisbane heats up, Wire-Not Electrical are your Brisbane Air Conditioning Experts who keep it cool. Contact us, we're ready to help.

Keep your home or business air con working at it's best with Wire-Not Electrical

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